Government of Nepal
Ministry of Health

Department of Health Services

Management Division

Teku, Kathmandu

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Information Officer

Mukti Khanal

• Make arrangements to collect and analyse health information and    use it to support the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of health  programmes.
• Strengthen bottom-up planning from community to central levels via the optimum use of available resources including health service information.
• Conduct and expand regular periodic performance reviews and use outcomes for improvements down to community level.
• Strengthen and guide the monitoring and supervision system at all levels.
• Establish a central data bank linking HMIS with the Human Resources Management Information System (HURIS), LMIS, finance, surveys, censuses and other sources of information.
• Expand computerized information systems at all levels.
• Monitor the health services provided by state and non-state health institutions.
• Develop and implement construction, repair and maintenance plans for public health facilities and for biomedical equipment.
• Develop the capacity of health workers and HFOMCs in collaboration with NHTC and concerned agencies.
• Conduct human resource development programmes to improve the quality of health services.
• The routine management of health service Information.
• Orientations on quality health service delivery.
• The upgrading of health facilities in line with plans and policies.
• Initiate the processing for approval of the establishment of private and non-government health institutions of 51 to 200 bed capacity.
• Process for approval and renew private and non-governmental health facilities operating licenses on the basis of given service standards
• Develop and implement integrated supervision and monitoring plans.
• Establish and develop required infrastructure, human resource and guidelines to conduct other assigned designated and non routine works.