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Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) contains health service utilisation data collected from community level by Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) to public and private health providers. The data generated by the system is used for planning, monitoring and evaluation of health programmes and system at all levels. Supports the programme divisions and centres in development and use of modern technology in information management and service delivery.

  • Collect and manage health service delivery information from all levels of delivery outlets including community level services by FCHVs and community health workers.
  • Improve online data entry mechanisms in all districts and hospitals and gradually extend online data entry to below districts level health facilities.
  • Establish a uniform and continuous reporting system from government and non-government health service providers so that all health services provided by government and non government providers are reported and published.
  • Verify, process and analyse collected data and operate a data bank.
  • Provide feedback on achievements, coverage, continuity and quality of health services to programme divisions and centers, RHDs, hospitals, DHOs and DPHOs.
  • Disseminate health information through efficient methods and technologies.
  • Improve the information management system using modern information technology.
  • Update HMIS tools as per the needs of programme divisions and centers.
  • Update geo-information on health facilities.

Nepal’s health sector needs accurate, comprehensive and dis-aggregated data to gauge its performance, to identify inequalities between social groups and geographic areas, to plan future interventions, and to enable the monitoring of NHSP-2 and NHSS targets to provide evidence to inform strategic and policy level decisions.

The current HMIS software system is inadequate to meet all the requirements of the recently revised HMIS. The data needs of different programmes are ever changing but the HMIS software could not be adjusted to address the needs. It was difficult to modify and is incompatible with standard statistical software packages and does not enable comparisons with data sets from different periods, links with geographic information systems (GIS) or customized reporting.
A technical review team, formed to assess the feasibility of supporting the revised HMIS to District Health Information System software environment, made recommendations to MoH and DoHS. This led to MoH deciding to adopt the District Health Information System software 2 (DHIS 2) tool. DoHS started to implement the DHIS 2 software from this reporting year.